• You have a gift. It's time to launch it into a brand.

  • Hey Friend, Hey.

    That special gift of yours is too big and too bright to keep bottled up! Wouldn't it be amazing if you could take it and create the business and life you want?


    Here's the thing: you already have the passion and the purpose; you just need the right FRAMEWORK, the RESOURCES and SYSTEM to help you bring it all to life.


    The Rockstar Influencer Program is just what you need to go from lost to #boss.

  • What is the Rockstar Influencer 2.0 Program?

    It's an interactive and engaging 6-month group coaching and mastermind program with Stacey to help you transform your brand into true-blue thriving and profitable business.

    Full-Scale Business Blitz of Your Brand


    Together we'll evaluate and restructure (or improve) your current business model, position (or re-position) your brand, and increase your bottom line to capture the money you've been leaving on the table. How you ask? Through continual self-discovery exercises and honest conversations about your goals, audience, services and products as well as your unique gifts and their possibilities.

    Resources Galore

    The Tools You Need, When You Need Them

    You'll receive immediate access to Stacey's Rockstar Product Vault; a robust online portal of 6 self-study eCourses, worksheets and lessons in the areas of Mindset Readiness; Brand Strategy; Business Model Ideation; Social Media and Content Creation Best Practices; Sponsorship Solicitation and Negotiation; and Profitable Events. You'll also have access to a library of resources, including templates and checklists.

  • Stacey's 6-Pillar System for Creating Rockstar Influence


  • Who the Rockstar Influencer 2.0 Program is for

    This Exclusive Program Was Designed for You If You...


    Don't Have a System

    Systems are the foundation of any successful business. From marketing to content creation to community building, there is a method to the madness of each. Let's get yours together.

    Are Relying on An Inconsistent Income Stream

    Nothing aggravates me more than seeing a supremely talented individual who is struggling with generating revenue because I KNOW the money is there for the taking. All it takes is a flip of your business model.

    Don't Have a Coach

    Every rockstar has a coach. Think of the artist, athlete, business owner or thought leader that you admire the most. There is SOMEONE on their sidelines, cheering for them and calling plays. I'd be honored to do that for you!

    Want Someone By Your Side

    This entrepreneurship game can be lonely sometimes. Having a sounding board to provide constructive feedback, lessons learned AND solid connections who will be with you every step of your journey is a large part of why I launched this program.

    Want Access to Tools

    Every smart craftsman (or woman!) has an arsenal of tools at their disposal. Allow me to share mine with you! An entire vault of videos, worksheets, resources and more will be at your disposal.

    Are Serious About Turning Your Passions Into a Powerhouse Brand

    We play no games in the Rockstar Influencer 2.0 Program. Strategic planning with measurable deliverables and actionable goals is the name of this game. I'm all about results-oriented coaching - by the end of this program, you'll have launched That Thing that you've been dreaming of doing. And you'll be SO proud you made the decision to do it.

  • Rockstar Influencer 2.0 Training Highlights

  • Rockstar Beach Retreat

    Replenish and Rejuvenate

    Prepare to reignite your creativity and refuel your engines in a gorgeous, tranquil setting. Not only will you be surrounded by the ocean, and like-minded women, but you'll have the opportunity to coach with Stacey in an intimate, relaxed setting.

    Profitable Event Secrets On-Demand Training

    A comprehensive online training delivering the keys to crafting, marketing, funding and executing your event.

    EXCLUSIVE SAVINGS! 2-Day In-Person Successful Sponsorships Intensive

    Everything you need to know about positioning, pitching, negotiating and executing sponsorships for your IRL or virtual event.

  • Why It's Game Changing

    I'm genuinely invested in seeing you create a brand that is 100% YOU

    It's Goal-Oriented

    You Know Those Coaching Programs Where You Learn A Lot of Random Stuff? This Ain't It.

    We start with YOUR goals, come up with a strategic plan that allows you to work your way to the finish line. Through a combination of subject matter trainings, accountability calls, in-person events and an online product vault, the yellow brick road to your Emerald City awaits.

    It's Personal

    There's No One-Size-Fits-All Brand Strategy

    Here's where I shine: I can see your unique gifts (even if you have a hard time seeing them yourself), and I can see a brand - maybe even an empire - that's centered on what you bring to the table. Over the course of the Program, we'll become close friends - which means that my approach for everything is based on your needs, and not a pre-fab curriculum.

    It's Intimate

    The Magic Happens In Small Circles.

    The Rockstar Influencer 2.0 Program is designed to be personal and intimate. This group is large enough for an engaging mastermind, but a small enough group for one-on-one attention, collaborations and the ability to go deep.

    It's No B.S.

    Who Has the Time?

    I don't have time to waste (life is too precious!) and neither do you. As a result, my coaching program is created around getting you from Point A to Point B in as efficient, smart and effective a way as possible. Also? In my gentle-but-firm way, I'll help you come to realizations about the way that you've been doing things, why they haven't been working and what paths are truly right for you.

  • What You get

    This 6-Month Program Includes:

    Rockstar Influencer Product Vault Access


    On-demand, lifetime access to Stacey’s Video Trainings, Recorded Webinars, Power Sheets, Strategy Workbooks, eBooks, Speaking Presentations and more in an easy-to-use online portal - resources that will elevate your brand.

    Behind-The-Scenes Profitable Event Secrets On-Demand Training

    Virtual Training

    A pre-recorded on-demand coaching series covering the best practices for planning, hosting and executing a fully-funded event. Includes: Logistics, Sponsorships, Marketing + Promotions, Budgeting and more.

    Facebook Community


    There's nothing like being surrounded by like-minded individuals who want you to succeed. Our interactive Facebook Group is a community where you will be constantly motivated, encouraged and empowered to meet your business goals. 24/7.

    Monthly Group Accountability Calls


    There's no use in having a brilliant master plan and superb ideas if you don't stay on track with your plans to implement them. Accountability in any process is KEY. We will use these collaborative calls to check-in and as motivation to keep you as close to your blueprint targets as possible. Consider them virtual meetings for a sounding board, support and immediate collective solutions.

    Accountability Partners


    We all need to be held accountable. We need someone to remind us of what we said we would do. Sometimes you just need someone to listen or have a quick question. Every month, you will be assigned an accountability partner in the group. You two will decide how often you'd like to meet and how. Growth requires continued conversations and constant reflection.


    Exclusive Savings! Successful Sponsorships 2-Day Intensive Training


    LIVE 2-day power event designed to teach my Successful Sponsorship Formula, as well as a Done-for-You Successful Sponsorships workbook full of pitch scripts, budget worksheets, ROI checklists, sponsorship deck templates, reporting guidelines and more. This workshop will include opportunities for structured masterminding and in-depth Q&A. Why start from scratch? Start with success.


    Retreat VIP

    Complimentary VIP Ticket

    A complimentary VIP ticket to a retreat hosted by Stacey Ferguson in 2018. Allow us to roll out the red carpet and treat you like the star you are!

  • Who Am I & Why Listen to Me?

    Stacey Ferguson, Your Rockstar Business Coach

    Founder, Justice Fergie Lifestyle Media
    Chief Curator, Blogalicious

    Influencer Business Coach, Sponsorships Expert, Content Creator, Event Producer, Lawyer, Lover of Life

    I'm a sought-after thought leader, speaker and media personality who has curated a community of thousands of social media influencers over the last 8 years. I've had the good fortune of being featured in major media AND I've raised over $2M in corporate sponsorships for my annual conference. Most significantly, in 2012 I quit my job as a senior attorney because I was able to turn my gifts into a profitable brand.



    Official Bio


    Stacey (also known online as Justice Fergie) is a digital brand strategist, new media attorney, veteran blogger, event producer, social media personality, public speaker, and Chief Curator of the Blogalicious community and conferences celebrating diversity among women in social media. She also coaches women influencers in building their empires through her exclusive, high-touch Rockstar Influencer Program.


    Since 2006, Stacey has grown the Blogalicious community to a movement of over 10,000 multicultural influencers. Through the Blogalicious b-Link Marketing Network, Stacey creates and activates influencer outreach and social marketing campaigns for brands and organizations including: Proctor & Gamble, McDonalds, Sears/Kmart, Dove, American Heart Association, The US State Department and more. The cornerstone of the Blogalicious brand is its annual Blogalicious Weekend conference, produced by Stacey and her team since 2009, that is a 3-day educational and experiential event featuring high-profile speakers (such as Marc Morial, Amy DuBois Barnett, Soledad O’Brien) and major consumer brands (such as KIA Motors, Carnival Cruise Lines, Disney Interactive, General Mills, Johnson and Johnson and many more). She is responsible for a 200+% growth increase in both conference attendance and sponsorship revenues in the last 8 years.


    As Founder of Justice Fergie Lifestyle Media, she combines business coaching, media, publishing, consulting & events to inspire women to live richly with strategies for turning personal passions into viable brands. She regularly consults with entrepreneurs, startups and established brands on digital and brand strategy, as well as influencer outreach and social media disclosure guidelines.


    Stacey also is an accomplished public speaker, presenting at conferences and events nationally – from the ESSENCE Women’s Conference to SXSW Interactive to BlogHer to the Pennsylvania Conference for Women - and served as an Advisor for Media Bistro’s Summer Social Media Marketing Bootcamp. She was a contributing tech writer for Babble (a Disney brand); and a vlogger on the OMMA award-winning SheKnows’ Mommalogues. She is also a proud ONE Campaign Community Partner, Shot@Life Fellow, and an Advisory Board Member of ‘we teach’ and iBlog Magazine.


    Stacey has been featured in various media, including NPR, Fox, Southern Living Magazine, The Washington Post, EBONY, Mashable, Sirius-XM Radio, Uptown Magazine, Black Enterprise, JET Magazine, Mommy Noire, The Tom Joyner Morning Show, and all around the Web. She has been named as a Best Brand of the Year by Stiletto Media, A Top 10 Black Innovator by MVMT50 at SXSW, and spotlighted as a successful woman-run technology venture in EBONY magazine.

  • Your Investment

    Almost $20,000 in value for 1/4 of the cost.

    • Lifetime access to my Multiple Streams of Income Product Vault (a value of $997) 
    • Monthly Group Accountability Calls (a value of $1,500) 
    • Registration to my summer 2018 Rockstar Retreat Weekend (a value of $1,997) 
    • Access to my Profitable Event Secrets Online Training AND crazy bonuses (a value of $1,988) 
    • Weekly check-ins and business growth strategies from me (a value of $12,000) 
    • And that doesn't even include the value associated with the lifetime membership to the Rockstar Strategy Society Facebook Group; the $1000 discount to my Spring 2-Day Sponsorships Intensive; and the priceless connections and support you'll receive from the mastermind group and your accountability partner. 

      That's over $19,482 in value, for a doable investment of $5,000.

    Here's the cool thing...

    All you have to do to secure your spot is put down a deposit of $500. Then, it's a monthly investment of $750 -- and we can set that up to match what works best for you. It could be $187.50/week or $375 every 2 weeks, for example. Or, you can pay the entire amount up front to shake that to-do list item off for good! We are flexible and here to better your life and business, not add stress to it.

  • Success Stories

    Real Influencers, Real Results.

    Jonelle Henry

    News Producer, Event Host, Travel Professional, Conversation Starter, JonelleHenry.com


    Together we:

    • mapped out and began the design process for her new website;
    • rebranded her town hall event series into a broader lifestyle brand with her as the focus; and
    • ideated the framework for a new consulting venture.

    Tevyka Heyward

    Military Veteran, blogger, advocate and non-profit founder, ThePhoenixChronicles.me


    Together we:

    • mapped out and launched her new blog and website;
    • researched the foundation for her forthcoming non-profit; and
    • launched a charitable t-shirt line, complete with market research.

    Anne Parris

    Blogger, Conference Producer and Managing Partner at MidlifeBoulevard.com.


    Together we:

    • perfected her sponsorship deck which helped her to hit her targets for her second conference;
    • brainstormed exit strategies for past partnerships that resulted in a win-wins; and
    • outlined a 6-month plan to increase traffic on her site, launch a new conference and achieve higher revenue targets.

    Arlett Hartie

    Blogger, Joy Chaser, ChasingJoy.com


    Together we:

    • launched her signature Joy Scale quiz;
    • redesigned her website;
    • planned and executed for her first-ever vendor opportunity with her t-shirt line;
    • created content and planned the launch of her email auto-responder program.

    Jorge Alvarado

    TV Personality, TheJorgeShow.com

    At the Rockstar Beach Retreat, we:

    • crafted his brand story and incorporated them into his marketing materials;
    • outlined his media kit for his new brand of influencer, personality and glam coach;
    • mapped out a launch for The Fab Lab project;
    • conceived and brainstormed The Fab Lab Press Tour.

    Tiffany Aliche

    Financial Educator, The Budgetnista.com

    In taking my sponsorship webinar, she:

    • learned my Successful Sponsorships Formula;
    • implemented the strategies shared;
    • received my feedback on her sponsor deck;
    • began sponsorship negotiations with two major financial institutions.